The Margarita Project, located in the area of Caipipendi (Bolivia), started in 2012. Repsol expected investment is $1.5 Billion in the next five years to boost the production capacity of the existing deposits. Repsol has already begun production at the Margarita reservoir. With production of 6 million cubic metres (212 million cubic feet) of gas a day, it is the most productive well in the history of the country and of the whole Sub-Andean basin (Bolivia, Argentina and Peru).

Grupo Cuñado has been involved in this project by supplying 189 km (117 miles) of large diameter pipe in one of the biggest logistical operations in the history of Grupo Cuñado. 15,000 t of pipes were supplied, mainly in 8, 10, 20, 24 and 28-inch diameters, as well as the related bends. All were transported by more than 1,290 trucks.

This project became a great challenge due to the material transportation and handling, overcoming the difficulties related to the location of the project.