GRUPO CUÑADO has managed to consolidate its position as a national leading reference and international benchmarking in its area. Thanks to its human talent, their commitment, excellence and values, our company has grown and driven its business towards internationalization.

We think that lining up the professionals that work in GRUPO CUÑADO with the mission, vision and values of the company, reinforces our culture and builds a strong sense of unity and team work. We believe in the Talent Management, Diversity, Equal opportunities, Professional Development,

Internationalization and Health and Safety assurance are the key to the success 600 people work together in GRUPO CUÑADO in the 5 continents, over 300 people only in Spain, where we run our business meeting our clients’ needs in our 17 subsidiaries.

We continue our efforts to provide professional stability and 294 of our employees have permanent contracts with only 12% of staff turnover.

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Quality Technician:

We are seeking for qualified people with a Degree in Chemistry and materials’ knowledge for the quality control and management of materials and projects.
To apply for this position, please attach your CV with references to the contact form.

Part time English teacher:

We are seeking for an English teacher to give English lessons at all levels in the afternoons.
To apply for this position, please attach your CV with references to the contact form.

Administrative Assistant for the Quality Department:

We are looking for Administrative Assistant for the Quality Department (Alcalá de Henares), very high level of English and computing tool.
Functions: Project documentary management and quality certificates, resolving claims to suppliers, clients an EPC, convene notification of inspection and document preparation for material expediting.

Sales Specialist in Valves:

In Zaragoza office, we are looking for Sales Specialist in Valves, very high level of English and travel availability to manage international customers.

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    GRUPO CUÑADO was founded in 1963. For over 50 years GRUPO Cunado has provided excellent service in sourcing and supplying: pipes, valves, fittings and all other necessary components needed for the construction of projects worldwide. Grupo Cunado has evolved and continues to be a major resource for industries such as Oil and Gas, nuclear power plants, metallurgical, iron and steel, ship building, combined-cycle and renewable energy power plants, paper and food industry, water treatment plants, gas processing plants, etc.

    The GROUP has established a strategic objective for all aspects related to safety and the occupational risk prevention in its total workforce. In order to achieve the highest level of safety for its employees, the policy constitutes a basic principle within the philosophy of the organization, providing clear and objective guidelines to set health and safety standards. Working Together to fulfill the duties and obligations in this matter, Grupo Cunado sets a precedent for the safety of their employees as well as the industries, customers, and environment they serve.

    GRUPO CUÑADO assumes and promotes the following basic principles:

    1. To ensure compliance with the legal requirements and applicable laws, as well as with the agreed requirements related to the occupational health and safety regulations.
    2. Commitment to prevent damage and deterioration of health.
    3. To implement and maintain an Occupational Risk Prevention system that guarantees:
      1. The identification, evaluation and effective control of the risks involved in working, to minimize the causes of accidents and occupational diseases.
      2. The adequacy between the employees and their job through the systematic monitoring of their health status.
      3. An accident prevention schedule that includes the measures needed to prevent and protect, with the continuous monitoring of their effectiveness and efficiency.
    4. To obtain and maintain the certification of the Occupational Risk Prevention Management System within the highest international standards, from a continuous improvement perspective of the health and safety performance, together with the technological innovation in the overall quality of the production system.
    5. To integrate the occupational safety and health criteria in all its activities and hierarchical levels.
    6. To promote preventive safety culture through training and ongoing education of employees.
    7. To comply with the scope of work of business coordination with clients, suppliers and contracted companies.
    8. To promote participation and effective involvement of all the employees in the preventive processes.
    9. To comply with all the current legal requirements in every place, as well as to define common standards of behavior in terms of Health and Safety, regardless of the geographical area where they carry out their work.




    At Grupo Cuñado, our training program provides a general overview of pipes and fittings, valves, and other miscellaneous piping items, as well as applications, industry standards of materials,  destructive and non-destructive  testing and a variety of other subjects.

    The courses are designed based on knowledge acquired through our many years of experience, working on projects for a wide diversity of sectors in the industrial market: chemicals and petrochemicals, oil and gas, food and pharmacy, water treatment plants, metallurgical industry, iron and steel, shipbuilding, combined-cycle and renewable energy power plants, paper industry, gas processing plants, et al.

    The courses can be held either your location, or in our Training Room, located in the Grupo Cuñado headquarters in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, where participants have the chance to apply classroom theory with working examples available in our warehouse.

    Furthermore, we provide the possibility to witness different tests on materials, performed in our facilities. Many of our clients have already trusted us. What are you waiting for? Register today to attend a course.

    For more information, call us at +34.91.887.87.00 or write to







    curso válvulas grupo cuñado

    curso válvulas cuñado