Transversal 4Este, No. 61-05,
Torre 1-302, Bogotá Colombia, 110231.
+ 57(1)5519836

Cuñado Colombia is part of GRUPO CUÑADO, leading Company in the Piping Distribution and Project Implementation (pipes, valves, fittings….) in a wide range of industrial sectors, with with particularly strong presence in the Oil & Gas and Energy areas. Our experience and technical knowledge are at the heart of our success, so we can offer to our Clients a wide range of possibilities for a better and efficient Project development. We want to underline our Integral Supply System, created by our mother company GRUPO CUÑADO.

In CUÑADO COLOMBIA, this Integral Supply System is a decisive tool in Project management, as it enables us to control and monitor materials from design to their final delivery to jobsite.

Some of the advantages that our Integral Supply offers our Clients are:

1.- Direct and indirect cost savings:

  • Price Lists
  • New MTOs and cancellations.
  • Purchasing, expediting, transportation and storage management.

2.- Left-over reductions:

  • To anticipate cancellations.
  • Inventory control.
  • Material exchange

3.- Real-time control of material and warehouse stock:

  • Planning shipments.
  • New necessities procurement

4.- Materials delivered to subcontractors by destination.

5.- Specialised staff in materials management and with international experience.

To ensure the smooth operation in our supply chain, we have invested in a large-scale distribution center. In it we have extensive stock of carbon and stainless steel pipes, flanges, fittings and plates, and a full range of valves from leading global manufacturers. We also have strategic agreements with some of the most important manufacturers of pipes and fittings in Asia, Europe and the Americas, to meet the needs of your projects with the most efficient combination of price, time and quality.