C/ Camino del Olivar, 2

(Esq. Calle México)
28806 Alcalá de Henares – Madrid
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Founded in 1999, SLCServicio Logístico Cuñado, was created in order to satisfy our clients necessity of reducing their operative fix costs, demanding the outsourcing of their warehouse management and releasing this way their own resources and turning fix costs into variable costs, adapting to the market circumstances in every moment.

Our large experience, throughout more than 40 years and the high specialization derived from the management of our own 56 warehouses, allow us to optimize resources for space, personnel, distribution and goods. We take advantage of the synergies in the existing structure, which has been created for our own Group and for the benefit of our Clients.

Besides, by means of our own software or adapting to the Client’s one, we can help in the planning and management of supplies and optimize quantities and times for goods replacement, collaborating in the reduction of immobilized stock and releasing financial resources.