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Sixth edition of the Technical Conferences held by Grupo Cuñado

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On October 30th 2015, Grupo Cuñado held the sixth edition of our Technical Conferences, in the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, gathering more than 700 industry experts related to the use of pipe, valves and fittings.

The event, masterfully led by Mr. Manuel Campo Vidal, included three presenters that headlined the Conference: Mr. Juan Pablo Riesgo (State Secretary for Employment and Social Security), Mr. Pedro Miró (Vice-president and CEO of CEPSA) and Ms. Cristina Lanzagorta (Manager of Business Solutions of Microsoft).

During the session, Mr. Claudio Oroquieta, Manager of the Flow Management Solutions division (FMS) of Grupo Cuñado, presented the new Valves Encyclopedia, a new milestone in our relationship with the market, providing a complete support and assistance tool, with careful attention to detail and editing.

In addition, a new model of control and comprehensive project management, called Cuñado 2.0, was presented by Mr. David de Pastors, Finances and Systems Manager of Grupo Cuñado, which certainly will revolutionize the mode of material supply, where for the first time, the total integration of all parties involved in the construction of industrial plants takes place.

We do not want to miss the opportunity to thank all the companies who joined us throughout the event.