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Técnicas Reunidas visit Cuñado Group

Técnicas Reunidas visited Grupo Cuñado

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On April 19th we welcomed a group of visitors in representation of TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS Procurement Department.

The objective of the visit, especially directed towards newly incorporated employees, was to give a detailed introduction to our product range and manufacturing processes. In addition, we reviewed and analyzed the complete supply process, from the purchasing to delivery including the different supply chain milestones.

Enagás Visit Cuñado Group

Enagás visit Cuñado Group

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Last April 21st, Grupo Cuñado received the visit of one of our most important customers: Enagas, headed by Mr. Fernando López de Silanes, Head of Pipeline Engineering and Mr. Óscar Blázquez, Head of Pipeline Construction. They accompanied 7 people who recently joined the Enagas Engineering Dpt. Our main goal was to show them our facilities and introduce them our company, so they can know more closely our products and daily work. These visits are a vehicle through which Grupo Cuñado explains our philosophy of Customer service culture.

Visita de los alumnos del “Master in International Business”

Visit of the students of the “Master in International Commerce “

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On April 7th and 8th, Grupo Cuñado was visited by students of the Postgraduate program “ Master in International Business”, taught by the Next IBS Business School. They have the chance of putting into practice the skills acquired during the course. Presentations were made by Mr. David de Pastors, Finances and Systems Manager, and Mr. Kepa Arteta, who deepened in Projects Logistics. Students also visited our warehouse, witnessing on site its daily activity.


GRUPO CUÑADO presents its new Sectorial Catalog Desalination

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GROUP CUÑADO presents its new Sectorial Catalog Desalination, adressed to a Engineering Water Treatment specialized in desalination projects and in stations Drinking water treatment , Sewage Treatment Plant wastewater treatment plant and all industry related to the general sector desalination Plant. This catalog allows a new vision of wide range of equipment and materials supplied GROUP CUÑADO in relation pipe, valves, filters, instrumentation and accessories, adapted to the requirements of this type of projects and serving as a guide, from both the technical staff and the stockpile in a single document.

This catalog is the first of the new series being prepared by the Cuñado Group, in order to detail , describe and focus, the scope of our offer and similar supply to each industrial sector separately.