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On Sunday, January 28th, Cuñado USA Houston office held an event to celebrate our Families, and to thank them for all their support. Without our Families, we would not be able to celebrate the successful 60+ plus years of our existence.
At this event, we had the honor to have Mr. Carlos D. Cuñado, President of Cuñado Group, and his wife Azucena. Mr. Cuñado spent close to 10 years in the USA managing the USA and our companies in the Americas. From Houston, he led the international expansion of our Group. During these years, Mr. Cuñado, who is an avid sports fan, fell in love with Baseball and of course, his favorite team is the Houston Astros.
Houston employees and families surprised Mr. Cuñado with an autograph jersey of possibly the most famous Astros of all time, Pitcher Nolan Ryan. This was a token of our appreciation for all his support, as well as the commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of GRUPO CUÑADO – CUNADO GROUP.